Sometimes my features were not calculated and I'm not sure if this was expected behavior. where in UI can I check or tell if the feature calculations were accurate or my rules were fired correctly?



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    Below is a checklist to help you quickly troubleshoot: 

    • Is the feature used in any rule (either directly or indirectly via intermediate features)? If so, is that rule being run for that event? Run a Decision Flow Quick Test can help you determine if this rule will be run if this decision flow gets run for this event.
    • Does the feature have the feature tag ALWAYS_COMPUTE_DETECTION or ALWAYS_COMPUTE_UPDATE? If yes, the feature will always be calculated when the event is sent to Detection or Update API. 
    • Does this feature have a DV_CASE_MANAGEMENT tag? And is this event triggered for Action REVIEW_QUEUE
    • Does the feature have a FEATURE_COMPUTE tag and the API endpoint is Detection? If yes, the feature will always get calculated but please pay attention to its impact to the real-time response latency. 
    • Is the feature tagged with EXPENSIVE_COMPUTE? If so, when the rule condition is true (regardless of this feature’s value), then this feature will not be calculated. 

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