DataVisor 2021.08.20 (August 2021)


  • Case Management: You can now share filters created by one users with other reviewers in the system
  • Case Management: If there is order information from an online order transaction, you can now more easily and logical view that information when reviewing a case
  • Case Management: You can now re-assign cases from one queue to another queue
  • Case Management: You can sort by feature name and value in a tile
  • Case Management: You can click on external links in Case Management to view things like 3rd party data, etc.
  • dCube:The features in dCube have now been put in a logical ordering
  • Data Studio is now compatible with HIVE
  • Feature Platform: Increased the character length of naming features
  • Feature Platform: Feature template condition now supports NOT operator
  • Feature Platform: Now supports Event Management
  • Knowledge Graph: You can now view a list of transaction events related to the accounts
  • Knowledge Graph: There is now a way to only expand the bad nodes when you expand nodes
  • UML Clusters: We have now added a “LIKE” and “NOT LIKE” operator



  • Knowledge Graph: Improvements in the UI to make it easier and friendlier, including color configurable color enhancements to more easily identify risk
  • Rules Engine: Moved the NOT operator to a different spot on the create rule page, so as to not confuse it with AND / OR
  • Rules Engine: Can now change and edit the name of a rule
  • Rules Engine: Fixes and changes to how users use Decision Features aka Decision Variables in Rules Engine
  • UI Improvements in all product components




  • Speed and responsiveness improvements in Rules Engine and Feature Platform
  • Ruleset naming is now required
  • Improvements with how Feature Platform imports features
  • Various bug fixes on all product components
  • Fixes with length of rule and feature names
  • When creating a velocity feature bug fixed with how it’s shown in the database


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