What are counted as Professional Services and what types of Professional Services are available?


DataVisor offers 3 types of professional services to our customers, to better support customers to get more value from DataVisor Platform and Product Modules. Usually the professional services are offered in packages, as seen in most of the Schedule A session of the contracts:

  • Fraud Analyst Service
  • Data Scientist and Research Scientist Service
  • Software Engineer Service

Fraud Analyst Service would be needed if customers need DataVisor fraud analysts to manage the features and rules in the DataVisor platform, so as to bring higher quality of fraud detection from Rules Engine. If engaged in such professional services, DataVisor Fraud Analysts typically take the customers’ requirements about false negatives or false positives, investigate the fraud patterns or mis-caught patterns in such data, and develop / test / iterate the features and rules on behalf of the customers. 


Data Scientist and Research Scientist Service would be needed if customers need DataVisor anti-fraud data scientists to tune the Machine Learning models, be it Unsupervised ML (UML) or Supervised ML (SML) models. Typical scenarios include:

  • There are significant fraud pattern shifts happened and the models need to be tuned or trained to adjust to the new fraud patterns
  • There are significant data schema changes in the data feed to the ML models which require the features used in the models and/or the model algorithms be updated. 

Software Engineer Service would be needed if customers need DataVisor system engineers to:

  • Develop custom codes to integrate with customers’ data systems in a non-standard way (please refer to the DataVisor API Integration Guide for what are defined as standard integration ways),
  • After initial onboarding phase integration and production go-live, the existing data integration needs to be changed from one standard integration way to another standard integration way (e.g. move from daily batch integration to real time integration, or move from daily batch to micro batches). 



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