What happens if a customer's real time data traffic to DataVisor exceeds the contracted Max QPS limit?

1. If customer's real time data traffic sent to DataVisor APIs slightly exceeds the contracted Max QPS limit, the part of above-limit traffic won’t be rejected automatically.

2. The part of above-limit traffic, however, will not be protected by the Service Level Agreements (SLA) specified in the contract. Based on the computation resources available on the production systems, DataVisor will try our best to serve as much of the traffic as possible, but we reserve the right to throttle the real time traffic when customer’s QPS exceeds the contracted limit more than slightly, and we do not guarantee the system uptime SLA and API response latency SLA can be met during the service time period impacted by the over-limit traffic.

4. DataVisor will notify the customer of the exceed-limit traffic and its impacts to production system performance in a timely manner.

5. DataVisor may invoice the customer for Professional Service fees incurred if extra engineering and system maintenance works were needed to accommodate the over-limit traffics. DataVisor will provide QPS limit upgrade options if the customer's traffic volume exceeds the contracted QPS cap significantly.

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