What kind of product trainings does DataVisor provide to customers?


DataVisor provides a comprehensive training program to help customers get the most value from our platform and solutions. 


In the product activation and solution onboarding phase:

    1. DataVisor will provide an Online Training Portal with self-paced product training videos and documentations.
    2. DataVisor team will host up to 3 product training sessions to help customers get started in using the DV platform.

In the production phase: 

    1. DataVisor will constantly update the product training materials on the Portal as product enhancements and new functionalities are rolled out. 
    2. After each new product version is released, DataVisor will provide a group training/webinar to introduce new functionalities, and customer-specific training if needed for customers to better utilize the new functionalities.
    3. On a quarterly basis, DataVisor conducts business review and best practice sharing sessions to help customers evaluate and maximize the value they get from the DataVisor platform.

Customized training sessions tailored to customer’s specific needs (e.g. fraud use cases, risk management practices, and team members’ technical level) are available upon request. Professional Service fees would incur for such customized training sessions.

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