What kind of supports DataVisor provide to help customers in solution onboarding phase?


DataVisor Solution Onboarding Program is a comprehensive program that provides our customers who are new to DataVisor platform or are expanding their usage on the platform with supports in project management, data and system integration, risk strategies setup, and results monitoring. It includes the following services:

  1. DataVisor will assign a dedicated Solution Implementation Engineer to the project, who will work together the Account Executive and Solution Consultant to ensure: 
    • Project timeline is well defined, timely communicated, and fulfilled. 
    • Risk use cases’ business background and success criteria are identified. 
    • Data and system integrations are properly designed and implemented. 
    • DataVisor platform and solution modules are activated and configured per and agreed upon integration scope. 
    • Customer’s existing risk strategies are smoothly migrated to, tested in, and  launched in DataVisor. 
  2. DataVisor will host weekly cadence meetings to discuss onboarding progress, roadblocks and resolutions, and action item follow-ups.
  3. DataVisor will set up a dedicated Instant Messaging channel (e.g. Slack and Teams) to facilitate timely communications and issue resolutions. 
  4. DataVisor Customer Success will start to be involved to provide support and guidance on fraud strategy migration, creation, and testing, as well as setup of detection monitoring and business value dashboards.
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